Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to me!


Each of my 11 children.
Ages 3-23

  • Happy Mothers Day to me! 🌹💕🌼

  • I am so amazed when in the busyness of my life, I stop. I stop and really take a look around at each one of my 11 children. It is then that I am amazed and immediately humbled. Amazed at my body that it has personally grown and birthed 11 beautiful people and I am still so healthy and strong physically. Then comes the humbleness. I am so humbled that the God of Heaven and Earth would choose me... Janet Childress, to get to raise 11 souls... 11 people for Him. I mean gosh, being a Mama is a huge undertaking and I don't even feel qualified for the job. 

Yes I can feed them, keep them clothed and clean, take care of their health, etc. But y'all, that's only half of the job description of a Mama. It's the HEART of each of my 11 children that I am most concerned with. Will they grow up to love God? Will they know to run to Him when people and life seem to be failing them? Put others first? Love and serve their neighbor? Will they work hard and not be lazy? And this is just the beginning! I have found in my 23+ years of being a Mama that it's such an important job. I have learned so much during these years! So much about me... and I've gotten the privilege of being called Mama by 11 precious people. Each one with their own unique character. Their own gifts. Even their own sense of humor! 

  • When people have told me how *lucky* or blessed I am to have so many children, or even shake their heads and wonder how I do it, I am quick to tell them that I am the one who is blessed by each of my children. I am blessed that I have so many people in my life to hug me, smile at me, make me laugh, give me bunches of wildflowers that were hand picked while on a walk, pictures that were drawn that show just me and that child, little warm fuzzy heads that lay on my chest as I rock them,  gifts of coffee being made for me, cards being bought, meals being made, and an ear to listen when I need it. I know this is getting quite lengthy, but I am just so thankful today, and every day. 

  • I am a Mama. Thank You God. 💕🌹🌼

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some randomness from my home to yours.....


Me, moi, yours truly....
heading out to church last night.
Can I just say how thankful I am that God placed our family
in such a sweet place as our church?
I'm thankful. 

My family room.
I find peace when things are orderly which is why you will
find my family room like this 98% of the time. :)
(The rest of the house as well)

This is what my mornings look like.
Not pictured is my peanut butter toast and applesauce.
Yep... every. single. morning.
I'm boring like that.  

Late night cinnamon raisin bread made by my daughter Mary.
She is an AMAZING baker! 

Leah is in charge of keeping our 2 bathrooms clean.
Here she is taking a picture of the clean mirror in the kids' bathroom.

Sophia playing on the piano.
She's so adorable! 

One of my strawberry plants in my strawberry bed.
I am hoping for tons of fresh, sweet strawberries this summer! 

We just got our summer garden all planted last weekend.
I am growing everything by seed this year instead of plants.
We'll see how that goes!
Also, we are doing the Back to Eden method of gardening.
Google it. :) 


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